Monday, June 14, 2010

Hurry Up & Wait

So if you are still reading this blog, you are officially a loyal follower, because I suck at this. I haven't posted an update in months, mostly because this adoption process is kinda boring. Let me catch you up to speed.

Our home study went really well. We loved our home study agency, Lifeline. Our social worker, Claire, was and continues to be amazing! She is adopting a little boy right now as well, so this process is very personal for her. I thank the Lord everyday that he gave us someone that cares about this adoption almost as much as we do. We hope that Claire will be a huge part of our lives for a long time!

We are so grateful to all of our friends who wrote such wonderful references for us. These references required so much time and thought. Your sweet words are playing such a huge roll in helping us bring our little boy home.

We are currently waiting on our official referral. What this means is although we are pursuing a specific child, we can't find out any information on him until Ethiopia officially refers him to us. Then we will be able to know his Ethiopian name, see his picture, and find out any info on him that is available (medical, family history, etc.) Once they have given this to us, we will chose to accept him and then a court date will be set. We feel like we will not receive a court date until the beginning of October because the courts there close for almost two months (Aug. & Sept.) . At this point we will travel to Ethiopia, meet our son, appear in court, and possibly come back home without him. If we can not bring him home with us then we will return in about 6 weeks to pick him up.

Well... now you know everything I know.

We have been hard at work preparing our home for him. Here are some pictures...

We have lost our certainty about our name choice. Although Silas is still a front runner, we are entertaining the idea of another name. It's hard to decide on a name until we see his face. I would love to hear some other name ideas if you have any.

We would also covet your prayers. The Lord has shown great favor on us in this process. We are blessed beyond measure.

Great is His faithfulness.

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