Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Birthday Girl

I guess it's time for a little update. There's nothing really too exciting to share. The courts in Ethiopia are officially closed. We hope to be one of the first adoptive families to travel there when they open back up in September. When in September they will open, is the big question. We are ready though! His room is ready. We have travel plans on standby. We could be there tomorrow if they needed us!

Our agency has sent us a list of things that the orphanage is in need of right now. We are trying to collect as much of those things as possible before we leave. Our airline is letting us take as many bags as we would like, without extra charge, because this trip is for humanitarian aid. The list includes hand sanitizer, diapers, antibiotic cream, vitamins, antifungal cream, baby powder, toothbrushes, toothpaste & diaper rash cream. I can't even imagine my baby being in need of any of these simple things. So, if you are at the store and have not yet exceeded your shopping budget, grab one or two of these and let us take them to the orphanage for you. We would be so thankful.

Meanwhile, our little Stevie turns 2 today! She had a great party on Saturday with our close friends and family to celebrate. Our sweet little baby is growing up. We are changing her crib into a toddler bed this week. She goes to the potty... sometimes. She speaks in phrases. It's just too fast! She may be two but she is far from terrible. Happy Birthday Stevie!!

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  1. hello beautiful! that first picture of her is STUNNING!!!!
    I'm so glad we got to celebrate her with you guys.
    We'll definitely get some things together for you guys to take to the orphanage.
    Love you!