Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Love Is Patient

The month of November marks the fourth month that we have been waiting for a court date. Waiting on pins and needles, I might add. Our agency had told us when we "filed for our court date" at the beginning of July that we would probably hear something in about six weeks. To our dismay, we did not.

This week began with my obsessive search on the internet, trying to find something out about the Ethiopian court system. What I found, was that several families that filed for their court date in August, September, and even October were already getting their court dates and some of them already home with their child. What?!?! I immediately emailed our agency, Hope Adoption Agency (in case you were wondering), and asked when exactly the date was that we had filed. After a couple of hours, and right before Hope closed for the day, I got an email that simply said "It doesn't look like we have filed for your court date." So just like any other normal mother would do (back me up here ladies) I called them exactly 18 times. Finally, about 24 very long hours later, I spoke with the director. He explained to me that our papers have been in Ethiopia for four months, missing one signature (from someone IN ETHIOPIA), and they have neglected to get them filed. He probably didn't put it quite that dramatically, but that's how I understood it.

Although anger was at the top of our emotions, we were able to suppress that feeling long enough to figure out what to do now. Hope is working very hard to get these papers signed and filed within the week. They believe that we will get a court date between 4 and 6 weeks from then. We aren't going to bet on that. But we will try to be patient. Love is patient.

Here is what we know. We know that the Lord our God has not neglected us. He hasn't forgotten us. This "mishap" was not out of His control. We can rest in that. In my last blog, I think I said something about not being able to complain about His timing. I still can't.

If you pray for us, please pray that our actions would be Christ-like. If you pray for Silas, here is a verse from Psalms that says it all...

But let Silas, who takes refuge in You, be glad; let him ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over him, that he would love Your Name and rejoice in You.