Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Schluchters

Today we said goodbye to our best friends. It's not the last time we will see the Schluchters before they leave in a couple of weeks, but tonight was their going away party. Time set aside to let them go.

Misty has been, no doubt, Silas Rosser's biggest cheerleader. She is also Stevie's "other mommy". That's what Stevie calls her at least. Gabe and John work together. They don't have to work together, they choose to. Our kids love each other. Big time. Having a bad day, excited about something, mad as hell, who do you call? Misty. Well, I do.

The good news is, none of that will change. Ya hear that Misten, none of that will change!

The Lord has great things in store for this family and we will settle for nothing less for them. God's best for them, is in Omaha, Nebraska. Not Zimbabwe or India... Nebraska. Sometimes when God calls us out of our comfort and into radical abandonment(which He has), it's not somewhere as sexy as Africa. None the less, they are headed away from everything they are used to, in order to fulfill the Great Commission.

We are beyond sad about all of the little things we will miss by not living close to each other. But they are just that, little things. Things that eternally, make no difference at all. With only a short time on this earth to make an eternal impact, these really aren't big sacrifices.

But right now, it feels like a huge sacrifice. Huge. We are going to miss our friends.

We love you John & Misty. You make us proud. Don't find any new best friends.

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