Sunday, May 15, 2011

God is good.

That is probably the title you would expect from me when we are finally on the way to get our son from the other side of the world. However, today that isn't the case.

Today we are waiting on a couple of papers to make their way to Ethiopia, so that the embassy will find us fit to pick up our baby. We are watching the UPS tracking on these papers as they sit in Kentucky for well over 24 hours.

Today we are grieving the loss of a friend. The last blog I wrote was about some of our closest friends. Friends that we consider family. Last night they lost one of their own. We are shocked and devastated by the death of such a talented, handsome, young, and brilliant man. However, we are thankful that Dr. Ben Wadsworth is resting in the arms of his Creator.

God was so good when Sterling Davis became tumor and seizure free last week. He was so good
as our business plans fell into place this month. We just celebrated the past four amazing years of marriage where God poured out His goodness on us.

But in the midst of waiting and longing, grieving and weeping, He is still, so good. He has claimed victory over death. He has plans for our Ashley to prosper. He hasn't forgotten one detail of what is to come.

Father this life is yours to give and yours to take away. We know that now more than ever. In and out of season, we love you Jesus.